How to Install Nvidia Drivers on Fedora


Thanks, Martin, for this very helpful set of instructions. I replaced my old video card with a much better NVIDIA card a few months ago and just used the Express install because I wasn’t sure which components I could skip. But your little tutorial has shown me exactly what I need to install on my next update, which will be later today. It’s another example of the really useful information you provide that keeps me reading your site every day.

  • This will launch the driver installation wizard.
  • I’ve never had issues swapping between brands by just uninstalling the software suite, installing the new GPU and installing the new software suite.
  • After installing the drivers, restart your PC.
  • If you bought an OEM PC, it’s possible to use drivers straight from AMD, Nvidia, or Intel, but it’s a better idea to go and find the OEM-provided drivers.

While you can rely on visiting the GeForce Experience hub to check on the most recent updates, you can also receive desktop notifications to help you keep up with everything. Input the chipset vendor like “NVIDIA” or “AMD” to search the driver to uninstall. After following this tutorial, you should have Nvidia GPU drivers installed and ready to use with your Fedora system. To make the installation process more streamlined, move the driver package in the Home directory once the download finishes.

Can I uninstall Nvidia GeForce experience and reinstall?

Audio Driver is not yet available, but USB-C or Bluetooth can provide audio. The speaker and 3.5mm port will not transmit sound if you install Windows. Either roll back driver or uninstall the device and then let Windows re-install the device. Or press Windows + X key and a context menu will open up . Make sure you’re ready for a restart and restart either by clicking “Yes” or by using the Start menu.

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Why should I download Driver Update Software?

During installation, you should check the “perform clean install” option. Remember, you need to select the graphics driver that matches your hardware specifications. Then pressWin + Rand type “devmgmt.msc” in theRundialog box and press Enter.

Well I do not have an ATI / AMD card right now so can’t really say. You need to check if there is a custom installation option, and if there is, uncheck everything that you do not need. If you post the elements here I can research them for you if you want. If you select to do a full installation in the installer, you end up with installed drivers for features that you may not be able to use at all.


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